Lipstick and the Leash Professional Dog Trainer Workshops

by Camilla on April 6, 2011

Several Lipstick and the Leash professional workshops for dog trainers are scheduled at Camilla’s Dairydell facility later this year.   Camilla will share her insights and expertise in marketing to women as a business-building strategy.  These 1-day workshops will be offered on 6/26, 9/18 and 11/20.

Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Understanding women as a niche market.
  • What women want.
  • Words that resonate.
  • Things women do that undermine their success ­—
  • and how to help your clients avoid them.
  • Analysis of your marketing materials. Learn how to make them more woman friendly.
  • Hear quick, new, money-making strategies.
  • You’re sitting on a gold mine ­— Now take it to the bank!

For More Information: Call Dairydell Canine at (707) 762-6111

Lipstick and the Leash – Trainer’s Workshop Flyer

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